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What Do You Do When Your Needs Are Opposite?

Once again, my relationship has reached an impasse. A big, scary, hard-as-rock, impasse that neither of our inexperienced new-adult brains have no idea how to navigate around. Basically, to keep a very long story very, very short, the mountain we’ve run into is: his career path is taking him to a different state while mine is keeping me here.

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A Girlfriend’s Guide to an Irresistible Beard

When my boyfriend and I first got together, one of the first things I told him was, “I really don’t like facial hair. At all.” Know what he told me? “I’m never shaving my beard.” Somewhere along the road, I grew to accept the short beard he kept, even prefer it. (Once, he completely shaved the… Continue reading A Girlfriend’s Guide to an Irresistible Beard