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Will I Ever Be The Right Age?

Am I too young, or am I too old? Millennials are being pushed and pulled in a dozen different directions all at the same time, and every direction is the “right way to go,” according to someone else. So how do we know?

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How I Know You Made the Right Decision

The stress involved with “making the right decisions” came up in a conversation I had with a very good friend this weekend. We are both facing huge, life-altering decisions and having to hope that we make the right choices for both our present and future selves. I’m here to tell you (and also to keep reminding myself) that no matter what you choose, it is the right decision.

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The Coffee That Makes My World Go ‘Round

I am a recent coffee convert in the past two years, having only started drinking the magical caffeinated elixir after I graduated college and started my big-girl career. Something about having to look professionally presentable by 8am every, single weekday triggered the need for caffeine. And of course now, I can’t start my morning (and sometimes… Continue reading The Coffee That Makes My World Go ‘Round