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Picky Furbaby? Try These Homemade Dog Treats!

Like most dogmoms, I want only the best for my furbabies. Even if that means spending more money on their food than my own, letting them hog the pillows in our king-size bed, and taking them on special car ride trips. Of my three, I have two who will eat anything (literally, anything - even… Continue reading Picky Furbaby? Try These Homemade Dog Treats!

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Will I Ever Be The Right Age?

Am I too young, or am I too old? Millennials are being pushed and pulled in a dozen different directions all at the same time, and every direction is the “right way to go,” according to someone else. So how do we know?


Millennial Job Loyalty – It Does Exist!

Many older professionals are under the impression that all professional Millennials do is hop from job to job, with no regard to the company they’re leaving behind. I don’t think I can say it loud enough, so please listen when I say that just isn’t true.

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How I Know You Made the Right Decision

The stress involved with “making the right decisions” came up in a conversation I had with a very good friend this weekend. We are both facing huge, life-altering decisions and having to hope that we make the right choices for both our present and future selves. I’m here to tell you (and also to keep reminding myself) that no matter what you choose, it is the right decision.

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What Do You Do When Your Needs Are Opposite?

Once again, my relationship has reached an impasse. A big, scary, hard-as-rock, impasse that neither of our inexperienced new-adult brains have no idea how to navigate around. Basically, to keep a very long story very, very short, the mountain we’ve run into is: his career path is taking him to a different state while mine is keeping me here.

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30 Day Yoga Challenge – Beginner

There are infinite benefits to practicing yoga, non of which are listed here, but I’ve been wanting to get into a routine for a while now. I even went out and bought a couple cute new yoga outfits (which have yet to be worn for yoga) and a new mat (that has been unrolled once since purchase). The problem though, has been 1. my extremely busy schedule and 2. lack of motivation (ie. laziness). Fortunately, those two problems are fairly easy to overcome - at least in theory.

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You Are Exactly Where You’re Supposed To Be

I got this little gem at the I Heart Denver store and am still as in love with it as the day I saw it. I got it as I was struggling through college and was just really confused about where I was at in life, especially compared to where my peers were at in… Continue reading You Are Exactly Where You’re Supposed To Be

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The Problem With Online Ordering: Instant Gratification

You know exactly what I’m talking about… You just pressed the ‘Order’ button to purchase the contents of your online shopping cart and are seriously, so excited. A new [noun], yay! All of a sudden, you’re in a better mood, the sun is shining brighter, and all your problems have disappeared. All because you just… Continue reading The Problem With Online Ordering: Instant Gratification