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Will I Ever Be The Right Age?

Every day it seems like I am battling with the thought of being too young or too old for something. Sometimes, I even have that battle about the same damn thing! I know it sounds crazy but hear me out: I have two good friends who are getting married this Spring, within a few weeks of each other actually. All of their recent wedding activities have me in a constant flux of feeling way too old to still be single and feeling way too young to be married.

So which is right? Am I too young or too old for marriage? This is seriously so confusing! Especially because I can’t tell which is the right way to feel… I’m only 24, am I really too young or too old for anything yet anyway? I know I’m not the only twenty-something experiencing this problem. Our generation is being pushed and pulled in a dozen different directions all at the same time, and every direction is the “right way to go,” according to someone else. So how do we know?

  • Am I too young to get married, or too old to still be single?
  • Am I too young to have a successful career I love, or too old to quit my job?
  • Am I too young to travel the world, or am I too old to live so freely?
  • Am I too young to be a mom, or too old to not have kids already?
  • Am I too young to want to go back to school, or too old to try something new?

Right Age_image

The truth is, I’m always going to be too young or too old to do something… but that doesn’t mean it’s not the right time to do it! Everyone’s journey through life is different. Things happen at different times, in different ways, and for different reasons… for literally every single person on this planet. Do you realize how many unique journeys that creates? That’s at least 7.5 billion different paths leading to the same place – I mean…we all die in the end, right? So go our and live your life the way you want to live it. Do things at the right time for you to do them, because there is no single right time for any one or any thing.

So go out there, follow your heart, and just do you.

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