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How I Know You Made the Right Decision

Life is made up of millions of decisions, from life-alteringly huge choices to inconsequential, no-brainer choices. We now have so many decisions to make on a daily basis that it’s impossible not to wonder if you’re making the right ones – especially when it comes to those really big life changing decisions. Heck, I stress out about what color to choose to paint on my nails so let’s not even get close to the choices I have to make that actually matter to my future.

As we spend more and more time being functional adults, life-altering decisions become more and more common, but that doesn’t make them any less stressful or easier to figure out. The stress involved with “making the right decisions” came up in a conversation I had with a very good friend this weekend. We are both facing huge, life-altering decisions and having to hope that we make the right choices for both our present and future selves.

Can I please just add that sometimes it seems like the more you know, the harder it is to make a firm choice that you won’t regret. Especially with hind sight always being 20/20.

The worst part about having so many choices is the possibility of making the wrong decision… and of course, the consequences that go with that wrong decision. It is always a good idea to make informed, educated decisions, but making informed, educated decisions also makes you painfully aware of all the potential consequences – both good and bad. And that awareness makes an already difficult decision even more difficult to make. ugh!

I’m here to tell you (and also to keep reminding myself) that no matter what you choose, it is the right decision. The only wrong decisions you will ever make are the choices you look back on with regret. I firmly believe in living life with no regrets so with that philosophy in mind, you must accept the choices you’ve made as right, even if you realize looking back that it was the wrong choice. The decisions you make are based on your life at the time of that decision and that makes whatever you decided the right choice for you at that time. Sometimes, hell a lot of the time, we look back and realize that decision took you down the wrong path… but that doesn’t make it the wrong decision, or even necessarily a bad decision. It just means that you’re on a new path and now you have another decision to make. And just like before, you’ll make the right decision for you, for that time in your life.Making the Right Decision_Inner Image

So stop stressing out about making the right or the wrong decision (I know, trust me, I know… easier said than done!) and know whatever decision you make is the right one. Whatever path you choose will get you to those next steps. They may not be the exact same steps you were anticipating, but they’re your steps and they’ll lead you somewhere amazing – maybe they’ll even lead you somewhere you didn’t know existed. Whatever it is, it’s your decision and it’s your life. And the only wrong decision you can make for yourself is one you regret making.

[Side Note: I realize that knowing you’re making the right choice doesn’t make actually choosing any easier. If you figure out how to make the actual choosing part any easier please let me know, we’re all dying to discover that secret!]

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