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A Girlfriend’s Guide to an Irresistible Beard

When my boyfriend and I first got together, one of the first things I told him was, “I really don’t like facial hair. At all.” Know what he told me? “I’m never shaving my beard.” Somewhere along the road, I grew to accept the short beard he kept, even prefer it. (Once, he completely shaved the whole thing and it threw me completely off. We both agreed without question facial hair was better after that.) A few years later, he started keeping it longer and it really started to drive me crazy. It tickled and poked me when we kissed, or I snuggled into his neck. I begged him to shave it short again… I even tried to get him to just shave the mustache. Unsurprisingly, he refused to do any of that.

What he did do though, was start taking much better care of it and including me in his beard product purchase decisions. He found a new, organic soap and oil that makes his beard soft and shiny. He made sure I liked the smell of everything he used. He even started trimming his mustache a lot more often. And you know what? His beard stopped driving me crazy in a bad way, and started driving me crazy in a good way.

Who doesn’t want their man’s beard to be soft, shiny, and smell delicious? Plus, it’s actually way easier than he probably thinks.

#1: Beard and Body Soap
Honest Amish Beard and Body Soap leaves his beard so soft, it’s impossible to keep my fingers out of it. This soap is made from natural and organic ingredients and has a handmade-at-home look and feel to it both in and out of the box. The multitude of oils it is made with are what make his beard so sensationally soft: virgin olive oil, pumpkin seed
oil, apricot kernel oil, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, and castor oil mixed with white kaolin clay and scented with cedarwood, clove, anise, and lavender. Now, I don’t know what anise is and I’m really not a huge fan of lavender…but this combination gives it a masculine and outdoorsy yet sweet smell that is just delectable. Oh, and the bubbles it creates are fun as well.

Beard and Body Soap

#2: Invest in Decent Tools
He really only invests time into shaving and shaping his beard about once a week. In between, he has just a couple of tools he uses to keep his beard looking sexy – and not force him to get up any earlier than strictly necessary for work. Just like with the tools women use on their faces (hello dozens of make-up brushes), quality makes a difference for men as well. The tools he now uses on literally a daily basis are: an ivory comb, a boar-bristle brush, and sharp trimming scissors. (Note: These make great gifts for any occasion. Since you want decent quality, buy them separately to cover yourself for his birthday and Christmas.) I got the comb and scissors for him from The Art of Shaving and they even put it in a beautiful box with a bow on it for me, totally free.

Beard Tools

#3: Beard Oil
I put coconut and argan oil in my hair, so why wouldn’t he put something similar in his beard for the same effects? What really gets me though, is that this oil makes his beard shinier than my hair. Nope, not kidding. This Corktown Grooming Oil from Detroit Grooming Company is the best smelling product I think he has ever used, not to mention the whole extraordinarily shiny thing. He found Detroit Grooming Company online and got excited about the brand. (I’m kind of a branding nerd, so the company and brand is a major decision maker for me, which he knows and leverages to his advantage.) After some discussion, we decided he should get the Corktown Grooming Oil which is scented with vanilla, tobacco, and cedarwood. Ohmygosh you guys, this oil smells so amazing, I cannot get enough of it. It is sweet but not heavy, yet still masculine with the right amount of smokey. Which let me tell you, is probably what my amortentia potion would smell like. (If you get that, we are officially friends.)

CorkTown Oil

NH Beard

These are the products my guy uses that we both really like the effects of. You may like other scents entirely, there are certainly a lot of options out there to choose from. But these basic products are what make his beard into something I want him to keep forever: decent soap, decent-quality grooming tools (comb, brush, scissors), and beard oil.

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