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The Coffee That Makes My World Go ‘Round

I am a recent coffee convert in the past two years, having only started drinking the magical caffeinated elixir after I graduated college and started my big-girl career. Something about having to look professionally presentable by 8am every, single weekday triggered the need for caffeine. And of course now, I can’t start my morning (and sometimes finish my afternoon) without it!

I will be the first to admit, I am not a coffee connoisseur, I do not have adventurous tastes. I discovered very quickly black coffee is just not for me and creamer is a strict requirement. Next, I learned the difference between light, medium, and dark roasts and which I preferred (medium roast). Then I discovered the best combination I could possibly discover: chocolate and coffee. You will probably never catch me ordering anything else. But we all know going to Starbucks (or even better, a locally owned coffee shop) every day for a mocha is not only not great for your body, but it’s not awesome for your wallet either. So what’s a chocolate-coffee-lover to do? (Hint: the answer is NOT go without.)

Stone Street Coffee - Chocolate IndulgenceMy solution? Stone Street Coffee Brewers Chocolate Indulgence Coffee. Sure, there are a lot of brands out there with chocolate-flavored coffee but this is by far my absolute favorite! I first came across this coffee on Amazon (where a 1 lb. bag is $12.99) and haven’t looked back since. Like I said, I am not a coffee connoisseur or expert by any means so I’m not as interested in their 100% Colombian Arabica beans, small-batch roasting techniques, or speciality-grade beans (although that all sounds lovely to my uneducated ears) as I am in the flavor description: “A smooth full-bodied cup of rich chocolate – creamy & delicious with an inviting aroma.” And seriously guys, the chocolate-coffee aroma that hits you when you open the beautifully packaged bag is pure heaven – I could literally smell it all day. And can I just mention that some of their other flavors (I desperately need to try) include Blueberry Cobbler and Caramel Nut – yum! Can you even imagine what those bags of deliciousness smell like?

Whether you’re an adventurous coffee connoisseur or just want what you know you like (like me), I highly recommend trying out Stone Street Coffee Brewers.

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